Monday, January 24, 2011

Award Pay It Forward

In the last week and a half I was honored with the Stylish Blogger Award from two fellow bloggers:  Holley Smith (visit her blog here) and Dale Morin (visit her blog here).  When you receive this award, you are to thank the person awarding it, list 8 things about yourself, and pass it on to other bloggers (notify them of the award).  So, first, thanks to Holley and Dale for recognizing me.  I also received this back in December so I'd like to refer you to that post here for the 8 things I shared about myself.  Lastly, these are the bloggers to whom I would like to pay it forward.  I hope you take a moment to visit their blogs and leave a comment.  Tell them Patti sent you.

I hope you're all staying warm where you are.  This morning our outside thermometer read minus 8 degrees.  Brrrrrrrr!!!  Great day to stay inside and stamp.

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elaine said...

Patti, thanks for choosing me for the Stylish Blogger Award! I'm so tickled that you thought of me. I've been trying to decide who to choose and what to say for my 8 things. I'll link your blog to it when I do. Thanks again!